Project Coordinator

This position is OPEN as of November 10, 2023

Why this position exists in our organization:

This position exists in our organization to concurrently keep 45+ fast-paced, very complex search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), WordPress, and Analytics projects moving ahead smoothly and on time, and to relieve the business owner of as many operations tasks as possible. 

This individual will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day progress of projects, ensuring that nothing “falls through the cracks.” This person also plays the role of client liaison and account manager, ensuring that clients receive prompt and constant communication about their projects. 

This employee is expected to bring new levels of efficiency to the organization so that additional projects and clients can be taken on without the need for additional resources. 



Why this is a rewarding role:

This role is a crucial one, that if done properly, will:

  • Make clients feel cared for, through excellent communication
  • Get clients better results, via thorough attention to detail
  • Keep the business owner and team members organized and stress-free, by ensuring that no task “falls through the cracks”
  • Directly contribute to the organization’s growth through increased efficiency and capacity to take on more projects and clients.

The right individual, who consistently contributes to these outcomes, will not only enjoy the personal satisfaction that naturally occurs by producing such results, but will also be rewarded with increases in compensation that are reflective of the increases in client satisfaction, company revenue, and stress relief that they have brought to the organization. 


Job Details

This is a fully remote / virtual / telecommute position.

Compensation starts at a fair market rate and will increase as noted above.

Job Responsibilities 

The Project Coordinator supports the team by effectively managing the daily operations of all projects. They directly communicate with clients and address any concerns or requests that arise, ensuring they are conveyed accurately to the team. The Coordinator also keeps the team informed about the progress of tasks and any issues that might impact the project delivery.

In their role as client advocate and liaison, the Project Coordinator facilitates a clear line of communication between the client and the team. They help prioritize tasks based on the team’s strategy and the client’s needs, ensuring efficient and successful project delivery.


They also assist with training the team, leading conference calls, and generating project reports. These reports, including performance metrics and budget optimization, provide valuable data that the team uses to make informed decisions about the project’s direction.


General Responsibilities for All Positions

  • Learn the decision-making, thought process, and preferences of the business owner in order to respond to needs and act for them as needed in the best interest of the company
  • Play a supporting role in the crafting and implementation of SEO, PPC, Analytics, and WordPress strategies
  • Participate in and/or lead client conference calls. Take notes, extract action items from the conversation, and translate those action items into tasks in the project management system
  • Accept other delegated tasks as assigned
  • Work towards becoming an integral part of the organization
  • Act as a client advocate, consistently putting yourself in their shoes and making suggestions to the team about how we can do even better for each client
  • Ensure that the strategies produced by the team are executed without delay. Suggest creative approaches to any potential roadblocks that would hinder the timely implementation of strategies
  • Lead conference calls to present strategies and review performance with clients
  • Help both clients and the team understand the process so that they can know how to prioritize tasks and requests.
  • Work to ensure both client satisfaction and team satisfaction by clearing up confusion, over-communicating, actively listening and observing to identify points of frustration, and following up to ensure the resolution of negative emotions. Be proactively empathetic.

Project Coordinator Responsibilities 

  • Process Improvement and SOP Development: Drive improvements to processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), suggesting innovative ways to streamline business operations and deliver superior client output.
  • Task Prioritization: Maintain an ongoing task list with priorities, regularly following up on outstanding items to ensure progress.
  • Cross-Cultural Training: Educate the Ukraine team on the cultural nuances of American business communications.
  • Team Development and Succession Planning: Oversee individual development, team training, staffing, retention, and talent analysis. Implement action plans based on talent reviews and facilitate team succession planning.
  • Communication Management: Ensure client and team satisfaction through clear and empathetic communication, active listening, and effective resolution of any points of frustration. Establish a sense of confidence that matters are being handled.
  • Risk and Issue Management: Identify, track, and prioritize risks, developing and implementing mitigation strategies. Resolve project issues and ambiguities, escalating them as required.
  • Meeting Participation & Management: Schedule, participate in, and/or lead conference calls to present strategies, review performance, and provide updates to clients, as well as team stand-ups and scrum events. Establish clear agendas in advance to keep meeting time to a minimum. Keep meetings from veering off the agenda and allotted time. Document the summary of the call in the client’s call notes file, and ensure that any action items are entered into the Project Management system as tasks.
  • Strategy Implementation: Ensure timely execution of team-produced strategies. Proactively suggest creative solutions to any roadblocks that may hinder implementation.
  • Project Execution: Oversee day-to-day progress of projects, ensuring all tasks are executed promptly and accurately, with no overlooked details.
  • Collaboration with Project Manager: Constantly collaborate with the Project Manager to reach project goals, prevent roadblocks, and handle unforeseen circumstances.
  • Response Efficiency: Assist in various capacities to improve response times to clients, prospects, and strategic partners, thereby ensuring seamless operational flow.
  • Client-Team Communication: Facilitate clear, two-way communication between clients and the team. Ensure clients receive prompt and regular updates about their projects. Ensure team & client understanding of deliverables. 
  • Client Advocacy: Act as a liaison between the client and the team. Consistently view scenarios from the client’s perspective and recommend improvements to the team for better client service.
  • Operational Support: Participate in team stand-ups and scrum events. Prioritize tasks to maximize daily efficiency and productivity.
  • Reporting and Tracking: Create comprehensive project reports and develop quantifiable metrics to measure team and project performance.
  • Budget Management: Work on project budget optimization to ensure cost-effective execution of projects

Skills & Experience requirements: 

  • Project Management Skills: Ability to oversee and coordinate various aspects of a project, ensuring it progresses on schedule and within budget.
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal skills to interact effectively with clients, team members, and stakeholders.
  • Client Relationship Management: Ability to foster and maintain strong relationships with clients, ensuring their needs are met and their concerns are addressed promptly.
  • Time Management: Skill to prioritize and handle multiple tasks efficiently, often under tight deadlines.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Capability to identify and creatively resolve potential roadblocks in project implementation.
  • Analytical Skills: Proficiency in analyzing project data, tracking performance metrics, and generating insightful reports.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Ability to work well with others, often in a leadership role, and to help foster a positive and productive team environment.
  • Budget Management: Experience in managing project resources and optimizing budgets.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility to adjust to changes in project scopes and manage unexpected issues or challenges.
  • Technical Skills: 
  • Tech-savvy and able to learn new software and technologies quickly. Adept at using Google Apps (Drive, Docs, etc.), Slack, Zoom, etc. 
  • MUST be comfortable with and capable of detailed and accurate time tracking using both Teamwork and Hubstaff

Personality requirements for the position:

  • INCREDIBLY detail-oriented
  • Highly organized, disciplined, driven, and energetic. Always thoroughly prepared.
  • Enthusiastic, positive attitude, cheerleader-type personality
  • Steady, efficient, productive
  • Excellent listener & communicator
  • Accurate, Precise, Analytical, Problem Solver
  • Personable, Respectful, Tactful
  • Ethical, honest, reliable, dedicated
  • Able to think on your feet
  • Intellectually curious, Critical thinker, Fact-finder, Thirst for learning
  • Able to admit mistakes.
  • Willing to ask when you don’t understand, Forthright in admitting when you are having difficulty
  • Able to think on your feet and shift gears easily, adaptable to change
  • Patient, Remain calm under pressure, Appropriate sense of urgency
  • Plays by the rules but thinks outside the box and consistently makes suggestions for improvement

To Apply

To be considered, forward your resume by email to careers at pamannmarketing dot com along with desired pay level and a short blurb on which of our company’s core values you identify with the most and why. To validate your attention to detail, include the word “umbrella” in the subject line of the email.

About Pam Ann Marketing

Pam Ann Marketing, LLC provides internet marketing consulting, services, and training to small and medium businesses, very often “business-to-business” organizations, across all industries.

Our MBA-crafted integrated marketing strategies set us far apart from agencies that provide “random acts of marketing.” We do not “throw stuff out there to see what sticks.” We help clients define and optimize their unique “online sales funnel,” and align different marketing tactics to guide website visitors down that funnel until they convert into leads and sales.

We place a laser-tight focus on keeping up with the latest trends in internet marketing, especially with regard to the incredibly rapidly changing science of SEO (search engine optimization).

Our customized approaches and commitment to staying ahead of the curve provide our clients not only with additional website traffic, but with actual increases in revenue, profits, and efficiency. Act as a client advocate, consistently putting yourself in their shoes and making suggestions to the team about how we can do even better for each client.