About Us

Since 2011 we've been helping businesses get more traffic to their websites and get more leads out of them. We do this primarily through SEO (search engine optimization), and SEM (Google AdWords and Bing Ads). We also specialize in Google Analytics consulting.

Our Mission:

Pam Ann Marketing, LLC provides search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, WordPress website management, and Google Analytics services (and training) to established businesses and funded startups across all industries.

Our MBA-crafted strategies set us far apart from agencies that provide “random acts of marketing.” We do not “throw stuff out there to see what sticks.” We constantly measure the results of what we do, to ensure that we do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

We place a laser-tight focus on keeping up with the latest trends in internet marketing, especially with regard to the incredibly rapidly-evolving science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

Our customized approaches and commitment to staying ahead of the curve provide our clients not only with additional website traffic, but with actual increases in revenue, profits, and efficiency.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a truly valuable and helpful resource to our clients – so much so that they feel we are part of their own team. We continue to tweak and improve upon our offerings and our approach in order to meet this vision and establish the highest possible level of trust in our relationships with our clients.

Our Core Values:

The following beliefs are reflected in all of our products and services:

We believe that a customized strategy is the ONLY possible route to success in generating business online.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions in internet marketing. Each business entity is as unique as every individual human being on this planet, so there are no “one size fits all” solutions to growing a business through internet marketing.

We believe that you cannot get to where you are going without a roadmap.

Yes, we have fancy GPS devices now, but even a GPS can’t guide you until the route is mapped out. We do not implement any marketing tactics without first laying out a strategic plan. Only after the route to the destination is mapped do we start taking you there. This ensures that we stay focused, on track, and can effectively measure our progress.

We believe that marketing without measurement isn’t marketing at all.

There is simply no way to provide continued value in such an ever-changing industry without consistent measurement and continuous improvement. Only by “tweaking” our strategies with data-driven decisions can we continue to be effective at what we do.

We believe that our clients have the right to know exactly what we are doing for them.

We are fully transparent. We will not only explain to you what we are doing, we will even show you how to do it yourself. We have no fear of losing a client due to the fact that we showed them how we do what we do. We are confident that we will always have at least an advisory role in any business relationship we establish since the complexities of search engine optimization and internet marketing are always evolving.