Forensic SEO Audits

Find out what happened & how to fix it

Forensic SEO Audits Identify SEO Problems to Restore Rankings

If you experience an unexpected SEO traffic drop, it’s crucial to identify exactly what led to it so that it can be fixed.

Many SEO professionals are quick to assign blame to an algorithm update, but the drop could have actually been caused by a technical issue, content change, loss of inbound link equity, a malware injection, a change in search volume, loss of a single high-volume keyword ranking, or a combination of several factors.

A proper forensic SEO analysis evaluates ALL of the following:

  • Technical factors
  • Content factors
  • Off-page factors (e.g. backlinks)
  • Search demand trends
  • Algorithmic factors

Identifying the correct reason (or reasons) for the drop is the best way to definitively lead your team down the correct recovery path.

SEO Forensic Audit Pricing

Forensic SEO Audit

Starts at $900

Our comprehensive Forensic SEO Audits start at $900. 

Large, complex, or e-commerce sites may be more.

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