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There’s a reason everyone says “call Pam” as a knee-jerk reaction to the term “SEO.”  It’s because our process works… and our founder is a bit of a rockstar in the SEO world. 

Pam has been named one of the “Top 10 Women in SEO” and featured in all the major SEO publications as well as multiple books – most recently the “SEO in 2024” book issued by Majestic SEO.

We believe that you cannot get where you are going without a roadmap. Our process consists of two phases:

Top 10 Best Women in SEO 2019

On top of that:

  • Our SEO Technical Audits are consistently referred to by web developers as “the most comprehensive and detailed” audits they’ve ever seen. 
  • Our SEO services are “white hat,” i.e. completely in line with Google’s SEO guidelines.
  • Pam is so good at Forensic SEO that she’s been requested by attorneys to serve as an expert witness in court.

Our 13+ Year Proven SEO Strategy Planning Process

You can’t get where you are going without a roadmap. 

Our SEO process consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Creating Your SEO Strategy Plan

To be successful at SEO requires a plan. The first thing we will do is perform in-depth research and formulate a strategic plan to include the following:

Flowchart showing our process for Phase 1 of our SEO services which is Strategy Plan Development

Kickoff Call and Discovery Session

SEO Technical Audit

Keyword Research

Keyword Mapping

SEO Copywriting Optimization Guidelines

Set Up Reporting to Measure Results

Phase 2: Ongoing Monthly SEO Services

A flowchart depicting our process for Monthly SEO Services

Technical Consulting & Monitoring

A graphic depicting our own hub-and-spoke content strategy

SEO Content Quality Control

Monthly SEO Reporting

Ongoing Strategic Consulting

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