Virtual Assistant

This position is OPEN as of January 10, 2024

Why this position exists in our organization:

This position exists in our organization to help keep 35+ fast-paced, very complex search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing projects moving ahead smoothly and on time, and to relieve the business owner of as many administrative tasks as possible. This individual will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day progress of projects, ensuring that nothing “falls through the cracks”. This person also plays the role of client liaison ensuring that clients receive prompt and constant communication about their projects. This employee is expected to bring new levels of efficiency to the organization so that additional projects and clients can be taken on without the need for additional resources. This is also a fairly typical Administrative Assistant role, which encompasses traditional administrative tasks, such as phone answering, light bookkeeping, data entry, and marketing-related tasks.

Why this is a rewarding role: This role is a crucial one, that if done properly, will:

  • Make clients feel cared for, through excellent communication

  • Get clients better results, via thorough attention to detail

  • Keep the business owner and team members organized and stress-free, by ensuring that no task “falls through the cracks”

  • Directly contribute to the organization’s growth through increased efficiency and capacity to take on more projects and clients.

Job Details: This is a fully remote / virtual / telecommute position. 

Job Responsibilities:  This role requires being involved in a little bit of everything, from sales and marketing to project management to customer service – all with a singular focus on delivering the best possible results to our clients. 

Prior experience in the fields of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising), Analytics (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio) and/or WordPress Development would be nice, but is not required.

Fluent or Advanced English required.


Fluent or Advanced Ukrainian preferred.

General Responsibilities (Required)

  • Learn the decision-making, thought process, and preferences of the business owner in order to respond to needs and act for them as needed in the best interest of the company
  • Handle day-to-day work processes, such as answering phones, reviewing voicemails, returning calls, sorting/filing/answering emails, scheduling appointments, basic bookkeeping tasks, electronic filing, data entry, CRM setup and management, updating the company’s website and marketing materials, and other tasks as assigned
  • Organize each day to maximize efficiency and productivity, with a focus on prioritizing the most pressing needs
  • Build a rapport with customers, team members, and colleagues in order to facilitate communication and teamwork
  • Establish a sense of confidence that matters are being handled
  • Maintain an ongoing task list with priorities and follow-up status, consistently and persistently follow up on outstanding items
  • Accept other delegated tasks as assigned

Project-Related Responsibilities (Required)

  • Continuously monitor the day-to-day progress of projects and update the project management system (Teamwork) to ensure that nothing “falls through the cracks”
  • Run past-due task reports daily & follow up with team members accordingly
  • Listen in on client conference calls (and/or call recordings). Take notes, organize call recordings, extract action items from the conversation, and translate those action items into tasks in the project management system (Teamwork) 
  • Set up new projects in Teamwork, Slack, and Google Drive and ensure that all new clients have been assigned to the bookkeeper for invoicing (both initial deposit invoices and any required scheduled invoices for future installments or recurring work)
  • Ensure that clients receive prompt and constant communication about their project
  • Participate in weekly team project meetings and other meetings as requested
  • Ensure that the team is fully prepared for upcoming conference calls with clients
  • Assist in any necessary capacity in order to increase response time to clients, prospects, and strategic partners and keep operations moving along without delay

Sales Responsibilities (Optional)

  • Provide support to the sales process by tracking all sales activity in HubSpot and assisting with prospect follow-up (Enter deals, update deals, generate follow-up emails, forecast future sales, etc.)

Marketing-Related Job Responsibilities (Optional)

  • Assist with the execution of the company and its clients’ social media marketing efforts, including posting and replying on social media. Increase connections and followers on each.
  • Assemble and distribute email marketing newsletters in HubSpot to engage subscribers and promote our events and services.
  • Market the company’s events and contribute to the ideation of new events that align with our brand and audience.
  • Generate, edit, publish, and share engaging content across all digital platforms.
  • Edit video content to a high standard for marketing efforts.

Skills Requirements for all positions:

  • MUST, MUST, MUST be comfortable with and capable of detailed and accurate time tracking
  • Tech-savvy and able to learn new software and technologies quickly. Adept at using Google Apps (Drive, Docs, etc.). 

To Apply

To be considered, forward your resume by email to careers at pamannmarketing dot com along with desired pay level and a short blurb on which of our company’s core values you identify with the most and why. To validate your attention to detail, include the word “umbrella” in the subject line of the email.

About Pam Ann Marketing

Pam Ann Marketing, LLC provides internet marketing consulting, services, and training to small and medium businesses, very often “business-to-business” organizations, across all industries.

Our MBA-crafted integrated marketing strategies set us far apart from agencies that provide “random acts of marketing.” We do not “throw stuff out there to see what sticks.” We help clients define and optimize their unique “online sales funnel,” and align different marketing tactics to guide website visitors down that funnel until they convert into leads and sales.

We place a laser-tight focus on keeping up with the latest trends in internet marketing, especially with regard to the incredibly rapidly changing science of SEO (search engine optimization).

Our customized approaches and commitment to staying ahead of the curve provide our clients not only with additional website traffic, but with actual increases in revenue, profits, and efficiency. Act as a client advocate, consistently putting yourself in their shoes and making suggestions to the team about how we can do even better for each clien