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Google Ads / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Specialist (Remote/Virtual)

This job posting is OPEN as of 6/7/21.  This is a part-time remote/telecommute/virtual/work-from-home position, with the potential to grow into a full-time role.

The Google Ads / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Specialist position exists in our organization to execute on the following responsibilities: Job Responsibilities
  • Strategically build, manage, and optimize search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, primarily on Google Ads, including, but not limited to –
    • Forecast Budgets
    • Keyword Research
    • Campaign Set-Up (Build tightly-themed ad groups by keyword relevancy, Configure campaign settings, add negative keywords, etc.)
    • Writing Ad Copy
    • Bid Management (Including creating custom automated bidding rules and regional or schedule-based bid adjustments)
    • Setting up Conversion Tracking
    • Performing and analyzing the results of A/B tests
  • Analyze campaign performance with information from multiple data sources and make data-based optimizations & recommendations
  • Create performance reports with recommendations for improvements based upon data analysis
  • Lend insight into the optimization of client landing pages
  • Forecast budgets, campaign size, and conduct keyword research
  • Build out accounts from the ground up,
  • Consistently meet and exceed minimum levels of performance on metrics like CTR, CPC, Conversion rate, etc.
  • Manage or assist with the management of Facebook and other social media advertising campaigns
  • Participate in and/or lead client conference calls. Take notes, extract action items from the conversation, and translate those action items into tasks in the project management system
  • Answer client questions when confident that the business owner would provide precisely the same answer you’re providing
  • Assist with project quality control by reviewing other PPC team members’ submitted work, proofreading it, and comparing it to the company’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Provide support to the sales process by assisting with pre-qualification of prospects, proposal and contract generation, and prospect follow up
  • Learn the decision making, thought process, and preferences of the business owner in order to respond to needs and act for them as needed in the best interest of the company
  • Document and/or update the company’s Standard Operating Procedures as they pertain to PPC
  • Contribute to the improvement of the SOPs by consistently thinking “outside the box” and suggesting better, more efficient ways to execute business operations and provide higher quality output to clients
  • Establish a sense of confidence that matters are being handled
  • Participate in weekly team project meetings and other strategic meetings as requested
  • Maintain an ongoing task list with priorities and follow up status, consistently and persistently follow up on outstanding items
  • Organize each day to maximize efficiency and productivity, with a focus on prioritizing the most pressing needs
  • Build a rapport with customers, team members, and colleagues in order to facilitate communication and teamwork
  • Work towards becoming an integral part of the organization
  • Accept other delegated tasks as assigned
Job Perks/Highlights
  • Paid training
  • Some flexibility in work schedule
  • Potential to grow into an even more impactful position
  • Gain satisfaction from and recognition for having a direct impact on client results
  • Be part of a fun and friendly team that has a thirst for collaborative learning and a passion for the craft 
Skills Requirements for the position:
  • Currently Google Ads Certified, with the expiration of certification not more than 60 days out
  • Preferably 2+ years of consistent experience managing campaigns with accountability for reaching specific levels of performance on metrics like CTR, CPC, Conversion rate, etc.
  • Proficient at using Ads Editor
  • “Self-starter” with ongoing interest and study of SEM industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies
  • Knowledge of what Google considers to be a quality landing page
  • Advanced understanding of the impact of match types on campaign performance, including use of match types in negative keywords
  • Consistently produce FLAWLESS spelling and grammar in ad copy, and demonstrate creativity in crafting short but effective calls to action
  • Knowledge of A/B and multivariate testing techniques
  • Intermediate level working knowledge of Excel (can write formulas, create graphs, apply filters, etc.)
  • Ability to use data to figure out provable reasons for changes in performance
  • Intermediate working knowledge of Google Analytics (certification a plus), including the ability to effectively create and use Advanced Segments and Custom Reports
  • Experience in managing multiple accounts concurrently a plus (not required)
  • Knowledge of Facebook ads campaign management a plus (not required)
  • Experience using WordPress a plus (not required)
  Personality Requirements for the position:
  • INCREDIBLY detail-oriented
  • Excellent listener
  • Accurate
  • Extremely Analytical
  • Personable
  • Respectful
  • Tactful
  • Ethical
  • Organized
  • Able to think on your feet
  • Thorough
  • Problem-solver
  • Precise
  • Focused
  • Dedicated
  • Honest
  • Patient
  • Intellectually curious
  • Critical thinker
  • Fact-finder
  • Thirst for learning
  • Enthusiastic
  • Positive attitude
  • Reliable
  • Able to take chances and admit mistakes
  • Willing to ask when you don’t understand
  • Forthright in admitting when you are having difficulty
  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Able to shift gears easily
  • Adaptability to change
  • Appropriate sense of urgency
  • Highly resourceful – able to locate documents and information with little to no direction
  • Plays by the rules

To Apply

To be considered, forward your resume by email to careers at pamannmarketing dot com along with desired pay level and a short blurb on which of our company’s core values you identify with the most and why. To validate your attention to detail, include the word dragonfly in the subject line of the email.

About Pam Ann Marketing

Pam Ann Marketing, LLC provides internet marketing consulting, services, and training to small and medium businesses, very often “business-to-business” organizations, across all industries.

Our MBA-crafted integrated marketing strategies set us far apart from agencies that provide “random acts of marketing.” We do not “throw stuff out there to see what sticks.” We help clients define and optimize their unique “online sales funnel,” and align different marketing tactics to guide website visitors down that funnel until they convert into leads and sales.

We place a laser-tight focus on keeping up with the latest trends in internet marketing, especially with regard to the incredibly rapidly-changing science of SEO (search engine optimization).

Our customized approaches and commitment to staying ahead of the curve provide our clients not only with additional website traffic, but with actual increases in revenue, profits, and efficiency.