Web Analytics Specialist (Google Analytics / Tag Manager / Data Studio Specialist)

This is a fully remote / virtual / telecommute position. Both part-time and full-time applicants will be considered.

“Web Analytics Specialist” is a somewhat broad title that essentially means doing whatever is necessary to help us improve website performance tracking and reporting for our clients. Why this position exists in our organization: The purpose of this position is to improve the comprehensiveness, accuracy, and visual aesthetics of the analytics reporting that we do for our clients. General Responsibilities for All Positions
  • Learn the decision-making, thought process, and preferences of the business owner in order to respond to needs and act for them as needed in the best interest of the company
  • Play a supporting role in the crafting and implementation of SEO, PPC, Analytics, and WordPress strategies
  • Participate in and/or lead client conference calls. Take notes, extract action items from the conversation, and translate those action items into tasks in the project management system
  • Accept other delegated tasks as assigned
Web Analytics Responsibilities 
  • Implement advanced analytics tracking with Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager and GA4
  • Audit Google Analytics implementations for accuracy
  • Create aesthetically pleasing data visualizations in Data Studio dashboards, using data from Google Analytics as well as other marketing platforms (i.e. Google Ads, Facebook, HubSpot, etc.)
  • Create custom API connections when needed, in order to pull data from sources where Data Studio connectors are either not available or cost prohibitive
  • Assist clients in determining which goals, KPIs, and metrics are most important for them to track to achieve their goals
  • Extract actionable insights from the data to assist clients in making data-driven decisions
Skills Requirements for all positions:
  • *Required: MUST be comfortable with and capable of detailed and accurate time tracking
  • *Required: In-depth experience with Google Analytics (including and especially GA4), Google Tag Manager, Data Studio, Excel, and Google Sheets
  • *Required: Google Analytics 4 Certification: https://skillshop.exceedlms.com/student/path/508845-google-analytics-certification
  • Preferred: Strong coding skills and experience (JavaScript, SQL, Python, Google Scripts, Google Cloud Platform, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, etc.)
  • Preferred: Strong knowledge of CRO best practices
  • Preferred: Strong e-commerce background
  • Preferred: Good working knowledge of HubSpot
Personality Requirements for the position:
  • INCREDIBLY detail-oriented, thorough, places a high value on preciseness and accuracy
  • STRONG critical thinking skills, natural fact-finder, able to back up all opinions with solid logical explanations and data
  • DEEP sense of accountability to do what’s right for the client
  • Demonstrates common sense and an appropriate sense of urgency
  • Extremely analytical, loves problem solving, intellectually curious, loves learning
  • Good listener, personable, respectful, patient, ethical/honest
  • Dedicated, reliable, and organized
  • Focused, yet also able to think on your feet and shift gears easily if needed
  • Enthusiastic, positive attitude
  • Willing to ask when you don’t understand, yet also able to take chances
  • Forthright in admitting when you are having difficulty or have made a mistake
  • Ability to remain calm and respectful under pressure
  • Likes structure, but also adaptable to change
  • Highly resourceful – able to locate documents and information with little to no direction
  • Plays by the rules, yet willing to question them if they don’t make sense

To Apply

To be considered, forward your resume by email to careers at pamannmarketing dot com along with desired pay level and a short blurb on which of our company’s core values you identify with the most and why. To validate your attention to detail, include the word “math” in the subject line of the email.

About Pam Ann Marketing

Pam Ann Marketing, LLC provides SEO, PPC, analytics, and WordPress consulting, services, and training to small and medium businesses, very often “business-to-business” organizations, across all industries.