“Pam is a force to be reckoned with…”

“…her knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is unsurpassed.”

“She is brilliant at what she does…”

“Pam is the most brilliant SEO expert I’ve worked with. We’ve worked together at 3 of my startups on both SEO and SEM. She is the perfect person for you to team up with to audit your current SEO and website, prepare for your new site launch, and gain expertise around SEO strategies.”
- CMO in the SAAS Industry

“I am happy to sing Pam’s praises any day! Pam and her team are as intelligent as they are nice. I find them exceptionally easy to work with and I also find that they continually add tremendous value. I would even go so far as to say they are one of my favorite external partners.

Pam and her team are always thoroughly prepared for any calls or meetings that are held and, perhaps most importantly of all, they always present their findings in a very clear and easy-to-understand manner. They are able to take something that is complex and foreign to most of us and explain it in a very simple manner.

I have found Pam’s advice and solutions to be incredibly smart and helpful and I have no doubt they will vastly improve [our agency]’s online presence—and help us to drive our business forward in the months ahead. (Pam’s counsel has already worked wonders for our healthcare division.)”

-Director of Global Marketing & Communications, [Confidential International Marketing Agency]
“I love you guys… you’re succinct, to the point, you get stuff done.”
-Global Head of Marketing, [Confidential International SAAS Software Company]
“Pam is one of my favorite marketers in New Jersey. She’s been doing this for a long time and she knows SEO really well. I’m proud to call her a peer and a friend.”
-Jason Diller, The DSM Group
“Your team did an excellent job helping us and our clients. People should definitely come to you for support. We are very happy working with your team.”
-David Schmeltze, BizBudding
“With so many people in the field of online marketing, social media, and technology it is easy to sometimes tune out because they can all sound the same. But not Pam! She is one unique and special individual! Her creative approach to online marketing, SEO, web development, and social media has earned my respect and the respect of hundreds of members of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. I recently invited her to be a presenter at a LinkedIn Seminar for our Chamber and the feedback we received from 4 dozen people was extremely positive. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. When Pam speaks you can hear a pin drop in the room as we all await her response. Pam’s clients are in very good hands. Her undying commitment to the success of her client is relentless and she is going to go very far in business because of it. I highly recommend Pam Aungst.”
-Angela Kubisky, Executive VP, Morris County Chamber of Commerce
“Pam Aungst easily rises above her competition in the social media marketing space by incorporating the one piece that others skip over: strategy. Not only does she develop a strategic approach to social media, she also makes the strategy measurable, so that the sense of ‘I don’t know what I’m getting out of this’ doesn’t exist. Pam takes proven social marketing tactics and tailors them to each individual business’s goals. I highly recommend Pam Aungst for any social media or other digital marketing projects.”
-Chris Lipper, The Alternative Board
“I learned from Earl Nightingale that everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people. Well with that said, I needed a person to guide me to social media and internet success, I met Pam Aungst from Pam Ann Marketing. I am so glad I did. Pam has done exactly that…guided me to the online success I was looking for. She is brilliant at what she does and most importantly she is one of the most passionate and caring people I have ever worked with. If your business needs a boost, I highly recommend you connect with Pam.”
-Tommy Hilcken, Tommy’s Toolbox
“Pam is a sharp individual with great knowledge in her field and the ability to clearly communicate not only the technical aspects of what she does, but the substantial benefits as well.”
–Eric Degen, Titan Business Development
“We are so pleased with the work Pam did for us on our new website. She is very creative and keeps ease of use in mind in her design concepts, and her knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is unsurpassed. If your company is looking to amp up its internet marketing efforts, Pam is your girl!”
-ABC Plastics, Inc.
“You do great SEO work, I am very happy!”
-Rhonda Burgin, Burgin Construction
“Pam is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to all things marketing. She has such a vast knowledge of so many aspects of marketing, technology, and social media. Her repertoire consists of everything from blogging and social media to web/logo design and SEO…even photography! Pam is very outgoing and supportive of her peers. Definitely a go-to person for ALL your marketing needs!”
-Jennifer Toolis, ABC Plastics
“Like everyone else, we’re always looking for ways to use the Internet to grow our business. Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for a long time, but gaining a top ranking requires you to hit a moving target. We started by hiring Pam Aungst and Pam Ann Marketing, a specialist in local search engine marketing. Being local was very important to us because even though we have clients far away – whom we serve over the Internet – so much of what we do depends on at least one site visit to understand how everything fits together. Pam gave us a roadmap based on the geographic area we wanted to cover and keywords that connect widely used search terms to our services. We followed her advice, and quickly got 12 positive reviews on our Google Local listing. We jumped from position #14 to #1 for ‘it support’ on Google Local, from zero to #2 for ‘it support mac’, and from zero to #4 for ‘it support’ in regular (organic) Google search results.”
-Norman Rosenthal, Sterling Rose, LLC
“Pam is well spoken and knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend Pam for any size business who depends on gaining internet traffic.”
-Norman Rosenthal, Sterling Rose, LLC
“Great SEO help, Pam. Thanks.”
-Kyle Thill, Toyota Lift of Minnesota
“I have been working with Pam for several months now on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. She has become my go-to expert on all things related to media and marketing. She is knowledgeable and friendly and has the experience and education to back it up. I would highly recommend Pam as someone who is passionate about marketing and that can take ideas and turn them into tangible business results.”
-Kendra Hubbard, NESL USA
“Pam has an intelligent, go-getter personality who understands how to create a strategy for a social media plan. Her originality & creativity make her a real “catch” for any company needing an e-commerce manager!”
-Carol Stephen, Owner, Your Social Media Works
“Pam and I have been engaging via social media for a couple months now. She’s extremely supportive and engages on a regular basis, which most companies don’t do. I’ve learned a lot from Pam in such a short time, I can’t imagine where I would be without her.”
-Amy Donohue, Owner, The Fab Social
“Pam has been working hard to bring a presence and personality to her industry via social media. She’s been featured in an article for her efforts, which is a testament to her hard work. She brings a fun spirit and personality…with her engaging and informative Tweets. I am glad to have connected with her!”
-Wendy LaPlaca, Sundt
“Pam was hired to design a website for my book. She was quick to respond with quotes and ideas for implementation. Her response to any situation was always prompt, personable, reliable. She is full of expertise on the subjects of marketing and web design. She utilized my design suggestions and then took them up a notch or two. Her knowledge of WordPress, Google Analytics, and the like is most impressive. She pointed out (and took care of) ways to make the site more interactive and user-friendly. She was able to get the site up and running in such a short time AND she has made it easy enough for ME to do updates, blogging, and things that I need to do to maintain the site from this point on. That was important, since I had little to no knowledge of WordPress and such. I would recommend Pam without reservation. Please feel free to contact me for anything further.”
-Denise Whelan, Author, In The Land of Six and Seven
“Pam is a well-educated, well-informed, and highly-engaged individual…She is part of the original #FBLT trend promoting business-to-business relationships with Facebook Pages through Twitter.”
-Bridget Willard, You Too Can Be A Guru

Speaker Testimonials

The following testimonials come from people who have attended a talk or seminar by Pam Aungst:

“Working with Pam has been very beneficial. Recently, I selected Pam to give a seminar to our members on Maximizing LinkedIn. The results were outstanding. Her handout and material were extremely well received. The feedback from members included comments like: ‘I learned so much from Pam and this seminar, I am so glad I attended!’ and ‘She made the seminar fun even though I find the topic very complex and difficult to learn.’ I highly recommend Pam for all your social media, and anything web-related. She takes great pride in being ahead of the curve and supporting the goals of her clients. Hire Pam! Your expectations will be exceeded.”
– Angela Kubisky, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, Morris County Chamber of Commerce
“I have attended multiple events where Pam Aungst of Pam Ann Marketing is the speaker/trainer. I know I am going to learn a plethora of information and consistently put it to work immediately with ease and certainty. Pam has an incredible ability to take complicated technical aspects of social media and painting a clear, concise, easy to understand picture of how to navigate with confidence and result in success.”
– Andrea Ruchelman, Owner & Head Coach, Motivational Speaker at Run to 1 Coaching
“I have taken several of Pam’s workshops and can wholeheartedly recommend her! She is an excellent communicator and is able to breakdown and explain Social Media Marketing and give effective Strategies to implement.”
– Debbie Wolpov, Sales Executive at Premier Payments
“I took a workshop of Pam’s on LinkedIn. She was engaging, has excellent communication skills, and was willing to answer any and all questions that came up. I found her information useful and would not hesitate to sign up for another workshop with her!”
– Samantha Neil, Community Relations Assistant at Employment Horizons
“Not only does Pam possess an abundance of knowledge in all things digital marketing, she has the ability to present the material in such a way as to be understandable AND actionable. Often we walk away from presentations/webinars unable to implement or make sense of what was said. Pam makes sure that the information and tools she provides makes sense to you, and that you will be able to implement the strategy immediately. If Pam’s #1 goal is to provide value, she certainly accomplishes that.”
– Jon Sabel
“The presentation on Friday was outstanding! I’m not used to seeing that much interaction with the participants. I was particularly impressed on how you engaged the crowd on their questions and presented them with solutions on the spot.”
– Kevin Taunton, Principal, Taunton Brokerage
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