Case Study: Dermatologist with Four Individual Locations Drives Massive Influx of Leads Using Google AdWords

Pam Ann Marketing was hired to professionally manage Google Ads for a dermatologist practice with four individual office locations along the entire east coast. The agency that handled their Google Ads before us did not allow the client nor us access to the account they had been using, which presented a challenge because we had no historical data to audit and improve upon.

So we started from scratch and conducted extensive keyword and market research to identify the optimal strategy for generating results. This research, coupled with general practice information and dermatology insights from the client, enabled us to construct strategic Google Ads content for all locations.

Once conversion tracking was implemented to measure inbound leads, we established our first full month’s baseline performance as follows:

  • Total cost – $10,706.69
  • Average cost-per-click – $4.88
  • Total website clicks from ads – 2193
  • Total conversions (leads) – 162
  • Average cost-per-conversion – $66.09
  • Conversion rate – 7.39%

Through our standard routine of professional account management and optimization process, we identified the first month’s trending and applied that knowledge to the improvement of the account. After two more full months of account management, we closed the third month with the following results:

  • Total cost – $10715.42
  • Average cost-per-click – $4.47
  • Total website clicks from ads – 2399
  • Total conversions (leads) – 256
  • Average cost-per-conversion – $41.86
  • Conversion rate – 10.67%

Despite total account spend remaining relatively constant (only $8.73 variance), and CPC decreasing by a small factor of $0.41, clicks actually increased by 9.39%. This jump in ad clicks can be attributed to our refinement of the ad targeting and optimizing the ads to show to the exact right audience.

By evaluating the three month change in conversion data, we can see that there was an exponential increase in click conversions when compared to extra volume of clicks. A 9.39% increase in clicks generated a 58.02% increase in conversions, and cost-per-conversion efficiency improved 36.66%. After three full months, the client was spending the same monthly budget to generate 58% more leads.

By measuring the pacing of the conversions and conversion efficiency throughout the following months, in conjunction with refining the quality of website clicks, we continued to provide hundreds of inbound leads to the four dermatology offices through our management of their Google Ads account.

Pam Aungst Cronin
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