Case Study: Global E-Commerce Store Spends Less, Earns More

We were hired to overhaul an e-commerce account that the owners were managing internally since 2002. We started with a strategy meeting to identify highest volume and highest margin product segments, and then conducted a full-scale audit of the existing AdWords account to pinpoint strategy for imperative optimizations.

Our initial objectives:

  • Eliminate wasteful spending on non-converting content.
  • Aggressive segmentation of existing campaign content starting with the discussed products and branching out over time.
  • Improve user experience and e-commerce conversion rates through use of granular and segmented account structure, product specific landing pages, and dynamic search ads.

By applying that strategy and re-launching content, we produced the following month-over-month results after just two months of professional account management.

Month One -> Month Two:

Month-over-month results

Despite a $0.07 higher cost-per-click, total monthly advertising cost decreased by almost 30% and the e-commerce metrics all improved substantially. In this case, because of the large increase in revenue, a decrease in website clicks is not of concern as this is a classic example of quality over quantity with reference to website traffic.

Highlights include a 66.13% increase in total sales transactions, 118.71% increase in e-commerce conversion rate, and a whopping 133.70% increase in transaction revenue. The client spent $2699.38 LESS, yet had $8992.09 MORE in sales. This represents a 231% increase in e-commerce revenue/transaction value.

Month Two -> Month Three

Month-over-month results

In the second month of management, the same trending of less clicks and higher cost-per-click continues, along with even more improvement in e-commerce performance. By refining the account even more in month two, we were able to eliminate more waste and drive even more sales for less cost. Significant month three improvement include a 336.48% jump in e-commerce transaction rate and a $5948.17 increase in revenue despite spending $146.24 less in ads.

Since project launch, the client has spent 45.33% less, yet has a 222.14% increase in revenue.

The client is exceptionally pleased with early results and is eager to continue working with Pam Ann Marketing to drive more of the same actions long-term.

Pam Aungst Cronin
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