Case Study: International Manufacturer has an 89% Increase in Conversions After Just One Month of PPC Management

Prior to our account management, this account was managed and optimized by a hybrid effort comprised of 1. A different agency and 2. An in-house specialist under the consultation of Google AdWords representatives.

After conducting an extensive audit of historical account performance, coupled with website product research, we built brand new AdWords campaigns centralized around the company brand and its core specializations. By utilizing match-specific keyword types, aggressive negative keyword lists, and tested ad copy concepts, we were able to generate high keyword quality scores and positive user experience.

The manufacturer saw the following results after one full month of account management and optimization:

  • 89% increase in month-over-month conversions (from 35 to 66 total conversions).
  • A $9.33 decrease in cost per conversion, which represents a 28% increase in conversion cost efficiency.
  • 3.23% increase in click conversion rate, indicating a significantly higher quality website visitor and positive improvement to overall user experience.
Conversion rate chart

The client is a firm believer in long term commitments to drive results, and has expressed a desire to increase advertising spend as the ads continue to generate positive ROI.

Pam Aungst Cronin
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