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Case Study: Nonprofit Experiences Dramatic Increase in Performance By Outsourcing Google Ads Grant Account Management


This nonprofit client had been managing their Google Ad Grants account themselves, with middle-of-the-road results. They looked to us to help them increase results by having us take over their Google Ads Grant Management


Increase national awareness of this organization’s life-saving mission, while promoting their line of emergency bleeding control kits.


The organization had limited resources for web development but needed to provide an optimal landing page experience in order to be competitive in the nonprofit space.


  • Create PPC-optimized landing pages by using an affordable WordPress plugin: Since Google Ads Grant accounts are limited in their ability to bid competitively, a high quality score is vital. Improving landing page experience (one of three components in quality score) can be time-intensive and cost-prohibitive, as it generally involves collaboration with a separate team and the additional cost of web development.
  • Expand reach by implementing a comprehensive list of keywords: The organization had included their main terms but were missing out on thousands of relevant searches. 


  • Above Average Quality Score: All active keywords in the account are currently 5/10 or higher, with an impression weighted quality score of 7/10 for the account.
  • Dramatic Increase In Reach: The organization ran its campaigns internally for 11 months before reaching out for help. In the following 11 month period, clicks to the site increased +81.34%, with a dramatic +500.06% increase in grant fund utilization. Though their own campaigns were well above the 5% click-through rate (CTR) requirement at 9.70%, we were able to improve that metric by +59.55% to a whopping 15.48%, even while simultaneously increasing volume.
  • Improved Tracking & Reporting: The organization was not tracking purchases from the Google Grant account prior to our management. After we implemented this tracking, this client is able to attribute sales of their life-saving equipment to these ads and we’re happy to report that our campaigns earned $40,021.07 in revenue from 10/18/18 – 08/19/19.

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