SEO Case Study: Improved Search Engine Rankings Led to Increased Business and Savings on Advertising for Remodeling Contractor

After performing a set of one-time technical corrections, one-time content additions with carefully researched phrases, and several months of continuous content and link building improvements, the following results were achieved in a 6 month period.

Out of 32 tracked key phrases,

  • 8 entered the rankings that weren’t ranked before
    • Of those , 6 reached page 1, and 2 reached page 2
  • 9 phrases climbed from page 3
    • 3 reached page 1
    • 6 reached page 2
  • 9 phrases climbed from page 2
  • 6 phrases maintained page 1

In total:

  • The number of keywords on page 1 increased from 6 to 19
  • Estimated search traffic from top 20 results increased 343%

Ranking performance of one of the new phrases targeted:

Improving performance chart

After these improvements, the client was receiving so much additional business that they were able to pull back on other marketing efforts, including costly pay-per-click advertising.

Pam Aungst Cronin
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