Mangools KWFinder Review

Last Updated on August 2, 2022

Mangools KWFinder ReviewImplementing a comprehensive SEO strategy is vital to your business’s success. To do so, you’ll need to find the right keywords to incorporate throughout your website and branded content. How do you do that? You’ll need a keyword finder tool to identify the right terms to use.

While Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and Ahrefs might be the most well-known keyword finder tool, KWFinder is a great alternative and one that can provide extra search volume data for no additional charge. Not quite sold on making the switch? We’ve compiled a review of KWFinder Mangools to help you decide if it’s the right keyword research tool for your business.  

Mangools Keyword Finder

KWFinder is a popular keyword research tool developed by Mangools. It’s sought after not only for its simplicity but also for its user-friendly design. According to AuthorityHacker, KWFinder Mangools “can spew tons of keyword ideas, with monthly search numbers and a surprisingly accurate keyword difficulty score. It’s also got advanced features for keyword research, like filtering results and analyzing SERP.”

It’s not the right tool for everyone, but it is a great keyword research tool. One that might be the best fit for your business.

How to Get Started with KWFinder Mangools

To get started using KWFinder, you’ll need to input a seed keyword to be able to identify the actual terms your target audience is using in their searches. For this example, we used the keyword “content marketing”.

KWFinder Mangools’ homepage to launch your keyword research.

As you can see, the KWFinder Mangools results include related keywords, search trends, CPC, PPC, and keyword SEO difficulty.   

KWFinder Mangools keyword dashboard displays all of your aggregated date in one place.

One of the best features KWFinder Mangools has is that its user-friendly interface. The layout makes it very easy to understand the results of your keyword research. One of the most important pieces of data to focus on is the keyword SEO difficulty score. 

KWFinder review content marketing keyword difficulty example.

To continue our example for “content marketing”, the monthly searches are consistently high, which is good. However, the keyword SEO difficulty score is 73. A score this high will make it difficult for new content to rank for this particular keyword. To work around this finding, you’ll want to look at the similar keywords listed on the dashboard. You can see if there are any that have a lower keyword difficulty score. 

One caveat to keep in mind is that the SEO difficulty score shown on the KWFinder Mangools dashboard is only applicable to the app. So, the score may be different if you use additional keyword research programs, but it is still pretty accurate. 

KWFinder review content marketing additional keywords.

KWFinder Mangools: The Pros and Cons

Now that you’ve taken the tour around KWFinder by Mangools, here’s an overview of the pros and cons of our KWFinder review.


It’s one of the most cost-effective keyword research tools available.

If you’re running your content marketing strategy on a shoestring budget, KWFinder Mangools has very competitive pricing options available. With KWFinder, you should plan to spend between $29.99-$79.99 per month. However, even their most expensive plan is significantly less expensive than most other systems. Especially if you’re planning to purchase an annual membership.

KWFinder review pricing options.

KWFinder review competitor pricing options.

The strong keyword analysis data aggregation and multiple research options for unique keyword opportunities are huge pluses.

Google has so many ranking factors to consider when selecting your keywords. For your sanity, keeping all of your keyword research data in one place is crucial for finding the best keywords for your business. With KWFinder by Mangools, all of your aggregated keyword data is displayed in one convenient dashboard.

Fast and high-quality support.

KWFinder Mangools has a knowledge hub with comprehensive documentation as a self-help option. If you do better speaking with someone, the Live Chat function is a great option for assistance.


It’s not the ideal keyword program for competitive research.

As mentioned earlier, one thing to keep in mind when it comes to using KWFinder by Mangools for competitive research is that the keyword difficulty score is specific just to KWFinder. Because each of the keyword research tools uses different algorithms to calculate the competitive score. On the positive side, KWFinder’s keyword difficulty score is fairly accurate, but you’ll still have to do a manual review of the SERP results.

Keyword results are capped and there are strict request limitations for frequent users.

One of the biggest drawbacks is KWFinder Mangools’ request and result caps. In theory, it makes sense to limit the number of requests for each user so the program’s resources aren’t constantly strained, but it is a caveat to consider before purchasing a membership.

Here’s a look at the keyword request caps:

KWFinder review keyword search request limitations.

If you register for KWFinder’s basic package, you’re limited to 100 keyword searches every 24 hours. Another limitation is that you can’t see all of the related keywords in your search; depending on your membership, you’re restricted to either 200 or 700 results for each search, which is well below what other keyword research tools offer.

You can’t customize the SERP Checker preview.

While the SERP Checker is a great part of Mangools keyword finder tool, it would be even better if users can customize the data columns in KWFinder’s SERP overview. 

Determining if KWFinder Mangools is the Right Tool for You

While Mangools’ keyword finder tool is one of the best search optimization tools available, it’s not the right tool for everyone. If you’re just getting started with optimizing your website, KWFinder’s user-friendly dashboard interface and accurate keyword research data for the affordable price tag make this a great option for beginners. However, if you’re looking for a keyword research tool for your agency or if you’re more experienced with SEO, you should look into some of the other tools available.

Working with a very strict budget? You can still take advantage of the KWFinder tool. Sign up for one month to create an extremely comprehensive keyword database while you have access to the tool. You can download the results and refer back to them while you’re planning your long-term keyword strategy without paying the monthly price tag.

Ready to take your keyword research game to the next level? Get started with KWFinder Mangools today.  

Not Quite Ready to Try Kwfinder Mangools for Yourself?

We know that developing your SEO strategy — including using Mangools’ KWFinder tool to find the right keywords for your business — can be overwhelming. We are happy to spend time educating potential clients on how to create the right SEO strategy for your company. And we know it can be nerve-wracking to trust someone else with your website. That’s why we guarantee 100% transparency and we will teach you how to do what we do. Our professional SEO services are “white hat” and completely in line with Google’s guidelines. Contact us to discuss your particular SEO needs.

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