Pam Aungst, Founder of Pam Ann Marketing, Honored With Changemakers and Champions Award

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.31.03 AMPam Aungst, President and Founder of Pam Ann Marketing, was recently honored with a “Changemakers and Champions Award” for her contributions to mental health organization Newbridge Services, Inc.

As a strong advocate for mental health services, it has brought me great joy to provide pro-bono internet marketing services to Newbridge for the past two years,” says Aungst. “Bringing greater awareness to the lives that have been changed thanks to this mental health organization is paramount for our community.”  

As grateful as the whole team is for this recognition from Newbridge, Pam Ann Marketing also wishes to extend its collective thanks for affording the team the opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful cause and tremendous organization.

My deepest thanks goes to Newbridge for allowing us to help spread the word of your mission to bring balance to people’s lives through counseling, housing, and education,” continues Aungst. “Many lives are greatly enhanced and even saved because of what you do. Thank you!

Over the past two years the Pam Ann Marketing team has set aside time on a regular basis to work with Newbridge as a pro bono client. Through working together on social media and search engine marketing strategies, Newbridge has been able to raise greater awareness of its organization and the causes it supports. Pam Ann Marketing has also helped Newbridge obtain and take advantage of a grant from Google that provides nonprofit organizations with up to $10,000 per month of in-kind advertising on the search engine.

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