Case Study: SEO for Medical Clinic

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Medical Clinic Organic Traffic Increases Nearly 200% after 9 Months of SEO Services

Update! After 12 full months of SEO implementation, this client’s organic search traffic is now 482% higher than when we began! See updated screenshots below

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In the ninth month after we began providing SEO services for a multi-location medical clinic, the clinic’s website was getting nearly 200% more organic search traffic than the month when SEO efforts began.

We began our efforts in September 2014 with comprehensive SEO research and planning, including a technical audit, keyword research, content strategy, and link research.

In November of 2014, we transitioned into an ongoing implementation routine where the results of our planning were put into play. As of July 2015, 9 months after SEO efforts kicked off, the site was seeing nearly 200% more organic search traffic versus the kickoff month. The kickoff month had approximately 9K organic search visits, whereas the comparison month saw nearly 27K. This site’s organic search traffic continues to steadily increase month-over-month.


After a few more months of continued implementation, this site is now seeing organic traffic numbers that are 482% higher than when we began.

Sessions chart
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