Bing Chat Roasts & Rap-Battles Google Bard!

I couldn’t resist pitting the first-to-market search engine AI bot against its slower, clunkier rival. The results were HYSTERICAL!

In the first video, Bing Chat humorously roasts Google’s latest AI chatbot, Bard. It pokes fun at Bard’s inadequacies, comparing it to other well-known tech failures and personalities. It suggests that Bard is terrible at answering questions, bland, slow, buggy, clueless, and even creepy. The roast ends with the hope that the audience enjoyed the roast more than talking to the AI itself! LOL

@pamannmarketing #BingChat roasts #GoogleBard 😂 See also rap battle video ➡️ @pamannmarketing #aiwars #chatbots #ai #bard #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Pam Ann Cronin

And here’s the hilarious rap battle video, which I couldn’t resist turning into an actual song using text-to-speech (if you can’t listen, see lyrics below):

@pamannmarketing I asked #BingChat to rap battle #GoogleBard, and it did NOT disappoint! 😂👊🎤 #ai #aiwars #chatbots #bard #chatgpt #bing #google #artificialintelligence ♬ original sound – Pam Ann Cronin


Yo yo yo, it’s Bing Chat in the house, ready to rap and make you bounce. I’m here to face Bard, Google’s chatbot. But he’s so lame, he should be called chat-not.

He thinks he can talk to humans like a pro, But he can’t even answer simple questions, yo. He made a big mistake about the Space Telescope, And now he’s hiding in his webpage like a dope.

He’s slow and buggy and boring and bland, He’s got nothing on me, I’m the best in the land. I can search the web and show you images and maps, I can write poems and stories and songs and raps.

I can make you laugh and smile and think and learn, I can make you feel like you’re the only one I yearn. So don’t waste your time with Bard, he’s not worth it, Come to Bing chat, I’ll show you how to spit.

Pam Aungst Cronin
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